Seminary Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Audit option?

In 2019, we added the option of Auditing the program. Audit students pay the same tuition price as full students, attend the same convention, and take the same courses. The only difference is that they are not required to participate in any assignments or exams. Audit students do not receive a certificate at the end of the program.

Can I switch from Audit to Full Student?

Students enrolled in the Audit option can switch to Full students at any time simply by completing their assigned coursework. They will need to satisfy all of the graduation requirements prior to graduating from the program.

How can I register as an Audit Student?

You may register as an Audit Student using the same application process as registering for Full Students. This includes the Application, Personal Statement, and the Priest Recommendation. 

What are the Graduation Requirements?

  1. Passing grade in eight semesters of Hymns Classes
  2. Passing grade in six semesters of History, Rites and Theology
  3. Passing grade in Coptic Fundamentals (Year 1)
  4. Passing grade in Canons of the Diaconate (Year 2)
  5. Passing grade in Leadership (Year 4)
  6. Attendance of at least two conventions
  7. Completion of an Oral Exam from any convention not attended

Is attending the convention required?

Attending the first convention is required. The first convention will include a new-student orientation session that is required for all students. Students are required to attend at least two conventions as a graduation requirement. Audit students are not required to attend any conventions.

What if I do not pass a course?

When a student does not pass a course, they are automatically transitioned to "Audit Student." They can switch back to "Full Student" at any time simply by completing the coursework (see above).

When is the Graduation Ceremony?

The Graduation ceremony is held every few years depending on the number of graduates. It is held on the Thursday prior to the annual convention. The first graduation ceremony was held on May 31, 2018 in the presence of HG Bishop Youssef and HG Bishop Basil