A New Way of Learning

Online courses are different from the traditional face to face courses you have taken in the past. As God wills, there is only one scheduled meeting annually in Titusvile, FL - a format quite foreign to most of us. There are no traditional lectures in which you sit and passively absorb knowledge. Instead, there is much more emphasis on the learner. Online learning is student centered. You are in charge. It’s up to you to get the information you need, test your knowledge, and find new ways to apply it.

Your knowledge quest is not limited to your textbooks or what the instructor shows or discusses in class. You have a world of additional resources available on the Internet, and classmates to work collaboratively with. And the best part is you can work on the course when (and hopefully where) it’s convenient to you, rather than being bound to a specific day and time on-campus. Most of the wealth of knowledge you seek is already at your finger tips within the seminary website since the majority of reliable and highly accomplished scholars in the field of Coptic studies are in fact your instructors. Our site was developed specifically with mobile compatibility in mind to afford students unparalleled access to all content, at all times. 

Anything new and different feels uncomfortable at first, and an entire online seminary will be no exception. You may be uncomfortable using computers and technology this much. You may miss a more familiar teaching and learning style - especially when it comes to the hymns classes. You may feel too much is left up to you—the student.

Often students taking their first online course feel some dissonance, discomfort and frustration. The learning curve for the first course is a little steep—but with prayer and your persistence, you will be successful, learn a tremendous amount, and the next online courses you take will be much easier! You'll also probably begin to enjoy this way of learning. 
Some of the benefits students in online study have identified are:

  • asynchronous learning better fits their schedule
  • the inquiry learning method and case study applications are "real world" learning tools applicable to their work settings
  • the communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and technology skills developed better prepare them for 21st Century learning and work settings

To ease you into this learning experience, there will be a special online student orientation at the beginning of the semester so that you can meet each other, start to establish a learning community, and ensure that you are comfortable with the technology requirements. Before you leave that session, you'll practice all the computer skills that you need this semester. 
If you start to feel stressed during the semester, use the discussion board and email functions to discuss your concerns with the instructor and fellow students. Your concerns will probably be shared by others who may be able to offer ideas, solutions, or at least a sympathetic ear. Remember, you have lots of support for these courses, and everyone wants you to be successful!

Our sincere goal at the Asaph Hymns Institute is for the preservation and dissemination of the beautiful treasures of our beloved Coptic church. This dream will only be realized if each and every one of you are successful in this ministry Christ has charged us with.