Key Information


At the Asaph Hymns Institute, we have gone to great lengths to extend the ministry of the the Church by cutting edge technology and doing so with the sole purpose of disseminating the vast treasures of the Coptic Orthodox Heritage.

To that end, all courses are to be instructed completely in the English language and conducted online.


The program is designed to span 8 total semesters, for a total of 4 years. Academic years are customary, and begin in September of each year. Enrollment is not "rolling," which means those that enroll in August of 2015 will do coursework for first year students and those that enrolled in the 2014 Charter Class will continue as usual. There will be little, if any cross over between years, since the information greatly builds on itself.

Annual Meeting

An annual hymns convention in Titusville, FL is scheduled in the beginning of of each academic year (Fall), beginning in 2015. 


Annual tuition is $375/year, which includes the cost of the annual retreat! (i.e., based on double occupancy and current rates at the St. Stephen Retreat center; price subject to change.)