Goals of the Seminary

  1. Graduates will learn how to use the liturgical and hymnal treasures of the church to draw themselves and the ones they serve closer to Christ.

  2. Graduates should be familiar with liturgical rites and hymns, and their historical sources and significance in order to engage themselves and their respective church families to the treasures of the Church.

  3. Graduates will learn the church’s hymns from a scientific perspective according to the earliest known recordings.

  4. Graduates will be able to expose and disseminate rare and at-risk hymns to the church family

  5. Graduates will be able to examine church rituals and hymns using an analytical approach to further the Church’s depth of knowledge regarding her historical treasures

  6. At the completion of their academic tenure, graduates should have a service contribution outlined for their church – e.g., teacher of hymns class, manuscript translation, book transcription, Coptic media development (website, mobile app development, etc).