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Too many emails? Here's how to fix that!

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Too many emails? Here's how to fix that!
by Asaph Administrator - Monday, 22 September 2014, 6:14 AM

Since AHI relies heavily on forums, the software we use (Moodle) tries to do us a favor and gives us the option to send us every post to our email, which is done by default. This can quickly become very annoying, as you may be receiving dozens/hundreds of emails a day.

Solution: edit your profile! This is done by clicking your profile pic at the top right hand corner of the screen once you're logged in. Then click 'Customize page' and locate the ‘Edit profile’ option. You then need to scroll down to ‘Email digest type’ and set the option to a more sane ‘Complete’ or ‘Subjects’ daily emails.

Hope this helps!