Audit Program

The Asaph Audit Program is intended to serve the diocese by providing lessons, recordings and other resources pertaining to the Rites and Hymns of the Church. Students who are interested in growing their knowledge of the Church Rites and Hymns, and the Coptic Language, but without the burden of assignments and deadlines, and without the rigor of the Asaph Chanter Program should consider joining the Audit Program.

The Asaph Audit Program may also be used as a stepping stone to prepare the potential student for the Asaph Chanter Program.

How it Works

Each semester, students can register for up to two courses. Courses are offered based on the hymns of a specific season (e.g. Great Lent, Pascha Week, Holy 50 Days, etc.) or church service (e.g. Raising of Incense, Offertory, Liturgy of the Word, etc.).

The material is provided “as-is,” including video lessons, audio recordings, ritual explanations, and links to other resources. Students are free to learn asynchronously and self-paced.

Students are welcome to attend the annual convention.

Curriculum Overview

These courses are available for registration on a regular basis.*

  • Hymns
    • Raising of Incense
    • The Offertory
    • Liturgy of the Word
    • Liturgy of the Faithful I
    • Liturgy of the Faithful II
    • The Rite of Veneration
    • Nayrouz and the Feasts of the Cross
    • Month of Kiahk
    • Feasts of the Nativity and Theophany
    • Minor Feasts of the Lord
    • Great Fast
    • Holy Week of Pascha I
    • Holy Week of Pascha II
    • Holy 50 Days I: Resurrection Feast
    • Holy 50 Days II: Ascension Feast and Pentecost
    • Apostles Fast
  • Psalmody
    • The Four Canticles
    • Sunday Psalmody
    • Vespers & Saturday Psalmody
    • Weekday Psalmody
    • Festive Psalmody
    • Kiahk Psalmody
    • Great Fast Psalmody

* Not all courses will be available from the first semester of Fall 2024


The Asaph Audit Program does not have any required graded hymns assignments, examinations or assessments.


Admission Requirements

The Program is open to all males and females age 15 and up. Any student may register for up to two courses per semester.

Tuition Cost

Asaph Audit courses cost $50 per course.