Ancient Egyptian Musical Notation
Photo Credit: Theresa Sauer Notations 21, Mark Batty Publisher

Asaph Hymnologist Program

The Asaph Hymnologist Program is a single year program that completes the Asaph Chanter program by teaching long/rare hymns, and the priest’s prayers for the Raising of Incense and Liturgy of St Basil.

The program is open to males who have graduated from the Asaph Chanter Program. A rigorous oral exam may be administered in lieu of completing the Asaph Chanter Program.

The program will be offered on a semi-regular basis.

Cantor Mikhail Girgis El Batanouny “the Great”
Photo Credit: United States Library of Congress
Icon of Asaph the Chief Musician commissioned in 2015
Author: Dalia Sobhy